Sunday, February 28, 2010

Have you been waiting?

I had just yanked Joel outa the car and helped him shuffle into his wheelchair, and we were setting off on a walk down the board walk at Snells Beach. Nana and Mum were in tow and off we went...then some bloke drove up to us to ask if we had heard there was a tsunami warning and in that it was obvious that Joel was not into running away from such an event he advised us to leave. So we did a 'uey' in the chair and headed back to the car. Much to my surprise the 'two woman' suggested that I push Joel along the waterfront and then up the hill...while they drove!  Joel and I did a bit of brainstorming and speculating as to their motives... did they want the tsunami to take us both to a watery grave...or was it just to see the fat boy run pushing the chair with wheels if a 'big wave' came...or was it yet another weight loss ploy to see me push Joel up a hill while they watched from the safety of the top?

Joel is back in the rehab after a visit up north. It was a relaxing time in some ways, as it was familiar ground being back with family and yet demanding as well because Joel needs someone with him whenever he needs to move or do anything. All good. He enjoyed Nana's cooking and 'milked' it for bacon and eggs, and lamb roast etc etc. We watched rugby Saturday evening and we watched rugby on Sunday morning! Joel had cousins visit and managed to fit in his afternoon nap, which is needed as fatigue is still an issue.

The most exciting thing for us all is that Joel has been able to wiggle his toes on his left foot often. When he tries he can manage 3 or 4 wiggles and then can't do anymore for a while. He describes it like waiting for the batteries to re charge. When he has relaxed for a while he can manage some more twitching... then another relax for half an hour or more. It was neat to have him 'at home,' but we would like him to have more independence before we bring him home to Tauranga. All in good time... but we are encouraged by his progress. More tomorrow...


Kelly Overseas said...

Hi Kevin, Joel and whanau
It's Kelly Bain here, Joel's English teacher from last year and old Street Help member. I've been praying and heard snippets over the months but today Elizabeth Price gave me your bog address and Ive just been catching up. What an amazing recovery! Lazarus is a great name =)
So what did you think of Snells? I actually moved up here in January and am now teaching at Mahurangi College in Warkworth. It's a pity to have missed you! I heard the tsunami warning too and had to put off my planned kayaking but did end up going for a dip early this evening - it was just too nice.
Anyway, I just wanted to say hello, let you know that there's another one praying and say come back to snells another day when there's no tsunami warning =)
Bless ya

russandgayna said...

Hi Joel, Kevin & Cheryll. Thank you for taking the time to blog your way through this journey it not only allows us to see Joel's progess it also gives additional focus for our evening prayers for you all.
Sorry I have been unable to make it up to visit, it hasn't been from laziness I assure you.
Much love - Russ

Anonymous said...

Cool place. and a long haul pushing a wheel chair up the hill. walked it many times and had trouble getting up on my ownsome. Loved your description!

I_live said...

Ummm, that was actually Mirella ... something went wrong ... as it always does for me!

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