Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hi... I hope you don't get bored with good news, if you do you might have to follow a more depressing blog! Joel has done very well again today. He managed to go up and down a small set of stairs 3 times with support, changed his walker from the large one to a smaller more racey model and switched wheelchairs from the large heavy dunger to a modern one that he can move around slowly by himself. He got his second 12 in his PTA test. We found out some more info today about this PTA thing...Post Traumatic Amnesia. Cheryll and Joel went to a meeting which is an educational class for the clients. They explained the PTA like this...after a brain injury if you are in PTA for 24 hours or less you have suffered a minor brain injury, if PTA lasts up to 7 days you have a moderate brain injury and if it lasts over 7 days then you have had a serious brain injury. Joel is not yet out of PTA but it will be the 6 week anniversary of his accident tomorrow. Sobering to say the least. Anyway if he gets 12 tomorrow he is officially out of PTA... so here's hoping.
Joel had the house manager in hysterics today. If you don't like toilet humour don't keep reading. He has now been assessed and given the all go to not use the commode any more but sit his butt on the loo like the rest of us. When the house manager asked him if he was happy about this step of progress he answered no. Then she made a big mistake and asked him why he wasn't happy... to which he replied, " well actually I liked using the commode because it was quite interesting letting it go from such a height." She shouldn't have asked!
So what are we praying for:
Still need heaps more improvement in his left leg and foot.
Some of his social skills are having to be re learnt.
But we are very happy with how he is doing and thank God daily.

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