Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have just polished off a very nice sirloin steak courtesy of my lovely mother in law! She’s the best! I wasn’t allowed chips with it…I think it might have something to do with Eamons comment, but I ate my salad then ate the steak!

Joel has continued to improve. He is taking a keener interest in things and his reasoning has improved a little. We have now talked him through the accident and the month that he has no recollection of at all. Last night he was asking about the blog, how we got to start it and why and how many people are looking at it and praying. This is the first time I have seen another emotion other than humor/smiles. He hasn’t started laughing out loud yet but does smile at funny things but when he realized how many have been touched by his accident he had tears well up in his eyes. He was a little overwhelmed by your guys love, prayers and the interest you have shown. This morning I took in my lap top and showed him all the pics that we have taken as a record of his recovery and I think he is starting to gain some perspective on the severity and seriousness of what happened. It is like watching someone coming back to life in slow motion.
The physio had another good session with him today. First he ungainly managed to perch himself on the exercycle. This is the second time for him...  the first time I found so sad to watch that I didn’t write about it. This time he was sitting more upright, still supported on both sides and he pedaled for 5 minutes. Because of the lack of brain messages going down his left side every time his left foot came to the top it would stop and he would have to concentrate to get the circular motion going again but he did his 5 mins which earned him an ice cream later in the day. He then did his exercies and to finish his hour session went for another walk. This was even better than yesterday as nobody had to guide where his left foot went. Sometimes he has to have a second go at placing it in the appropriate place to keep moving in a straight line but we are very proud of him. Anne (physio) has now trained the caregivers about his special needs re walking and he is allowed to walk in his house with 2 caregivers for support. This is huge for him as now he can get to the loo in a little more dignified manner. Cheryll and I have also done our ‘basic training’ and are allowed to help him from his bed to the wheelchair and back again after a walk or whatever.
This has all been so promising that they are now saying that in a couple of weekends we may be able to take him out for the weekend. Sadly Tauranga is out of the question due to the distance but Nana and Poppa live under an hour away so we might venture north to give him a change of scenery.
PTA test…after scoring a 12 then 11 then 12 they changed the flash card pics and he was down to 9 today missing the 3 picture cards but that is normal and ok. He is also getting a little annoyed with himself that he can’t remember and keeps asking us. We aint telling coz we aren’t allowed to... and can’t remember! But this is showing that his motivation and reasoning, even if small, is coming back!
When talking about the blog and mentioning how we have been putting prayer requests on it for specific things, Joel has asked for people to pray for something. He has asked if everyone could pray that his brain and his left foot could start talking to each other. He has no control of it at all and would love to be able to walk and lift it while walking instead of relying on a splint. Thanks so much for partnering with us.


Hanna family said...

Hi guys,
Awesome progress and determination Joel! We are certainly praying for you. We love reading the blog each night, thanks for keeping us up to date and sharing the progress and photos.
Dave, Sharyn, Laura & Corey Hanna

MelC said...

What they said = D - Great to hear that Joel is now in on the story as well as playing the lead role - it's one amazing story.

Been trying all week to find time to get in touch - will ring tomorrow to see if we can do afternoon tea...

Claire said...

We continue to follow Joel's progress each day with great interest and thankfulness to God. We will keep praying and trusting for his total recovery. Derek and Claire Warren BBC

Heather Ballantyne said...

Joel, I'm one of those praying and following your journey. I don't know you, but I know people who know you, and your day to day progress is inspiring for us. You are totally relying on God and each day Mum and Dad have been very specific in how we can pray for you. It is a privilege to pray with you and reminds us of the need to rely on God in our lives. God bless you all. Lord make Joel's brain speak to his left leg. Amen

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