Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday & Thursday

Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes that got sent to Joel via texts and mail :-)

Joel was really tired on Wednesday so he slept a lot of it and had a mediocre effort with the physio.

But after his day of sleeping he bounced back, today, very well. It was the first day that he put in a whole hours work with the physio in the gym, did all his exercises and to cap it all off, proudly took his first steps in a month. Now before you all sart having visions of him prancing took 3 of us, plus an oversized zimmer frame to get him there. The physio Anne was on his weak side making sure his left knee didnt pop sideways and also supporting him, Mary the OT on his right supporting and moving the walking frame forward, and me bringing up the rear pushing his bum in so that he stood straight rather than slumping forward. 8 steps, not overly glamarous and only about six inches long but 8 steps never the less! Then lunch and back to bed for a couple of hours sleep as he was bushed again. The last 3 days he has scored 11 outa 12 for his PTA test so he is close to the magical number...and so we prepare for another round tomorrow.

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