Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We’ve got twitches! ...ok before you all think I've gone nuts and haven't taken my medication let me explain. Today I squeezed out a couple of tears of joy as I saw Joel's left foot twitch. Well... not his whole foot, but as Anne started to work with him a few muscles in his left foot did some twitching and as she continued there were a little more and a couple of times he moved his toes...on his left foot! It's a great start to what we have been hoping and praying for. Now to watch the whole foot come into line with the rest of his body. His left side continues to be weak but with persistence it is improving. He continues to walk slowly with his 'stick.' Next week he goes down to the local pools for a session so that could be fun. He is settling in ok to the new routine of his new house but there is a young bloke there that  hangs around Joel all the time which could become a bit much.
We are moving on Friday. We will still be based at Laidlaw College but we are shifting outa the single woman’s accommodation block and heading into a studio unit. Some wonderful saint has paid for all our accommodation here and we are very grateful for their generosity.


Heather Ballantyne said...

Go left leg! Keep it up twitches:) Heather BBC

Claire said...

That's very encouraging, messages are starting to be transmitted and received. We'll keep praying, keep trusting God daily. Derek and Claire Warren BBC

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