Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Weekend Again

We arrived today to be met by Joel walking down the hall using his gutter frame (the tall version of a zimmer frame).  He was on his way to the kitchen for morning tea.  Once he had finished his yummy Milk Arrowroot biscuits he hopped into his wheelchair and we went out for quite a long walk down the road ... and just for a change we turned right instead of left.  The most interesting part of the walk was coming across the local Naturist Club ... well just the entrance to their site :-) We took the laptop in today and he spent a bit of time scrolling through his Facebook pages and added a heap new friends.  He also discovered he had 106 emails on his hotmail address which he was pretty impressed about ... but he was too tired to look at them by then.  He had a big sleep this arvo and another walk down the road after that ... this time via the dairy for an ice cream. A little thing I found interesting this evening when he was trying to shake his carton of flavoured milk and it started squirting over his singlet ... was that he got a bit grumpy and then stopped and said, "sorry, I'm just getting a bit frustrated with myself."  I thought this showed some quite good insight on his part into his feelings... which we've been told can take some time to come back / relearn.  He also whispered to me when I was giving him his good night cuddle ... "sorry for giving you this scare, mum."


Grace said...

Awww that brings tears to my eyes once again God is God!!!!


Bronwyn said...

Yes.... he is being very brave.... and so are you all.... day by day! Bless you all very much.

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