Monday, February 8, 2010

Who loves mondays?

So where to start? I am starting to enjoy Mondays coz after the weekend rest we can see what has happened with Joel during the rest time. To start with...after having a string of 11 out of 12 for his PTA test, today he scored 12! Now the trick is for him to do it 3 times in a row. But what we didn't know is that when he hits a 12, the pictures on the flash cards get changed making it a little harder for him. But hey he got a 12!
And yet again we have to report that he is a little more alert than yesterday.

Then off to the gym for his physio and he now moves with less support and no slide board from the wheelchair to the bed. They work with him to stand and with zimmer frame in place and only two support people he goes for his walk. Slow, ungainly... but they are called steps! A big improvement from Friday was that he was able to swing his left foot through by himself even though at this stage it is still what they call a 'drop foot'.  Out onto the deck and then the slow struggle to the other end of the deck...the 8 metre walk. But this time he sits in a chair for a while for a rest and then stands again and walks back... 16 meters today. So he started Thursday with 8 steps, Friday 8 metres and today 16 metres...discounting weekends, I wonder how many days it would take him if he keeps doubling his output to walk a very slow marathon?

After that it was back onto the bench bed thing to do more exercises especially for his left leg to help strengthen it and the brain responses to get it moving properly. After this the poor man was whacked so off for lunch then back to bed for a 2 hour sleep. Normal afternoon and evening... but overall a great day.

Another real highlight is that he all of a sudden finds that he can read more clearly close up! Eyes functioning properly! Thankyou Jesus.

After 2 days away for work committments, Hannah returned and was really delighted to see that Joel was 'more' Joel than she had seen, so she saw a real change in 2 days. But it is not just about us as there are others here that we see and talk to...and pray for, and one family have seen changes in their child which are answers to our prayers that we have shared with them! So we have asked them for the next thing they want to see in their daughter and it is that she might start communicating! So we pray.


Dave said...

Great news, keep posting, we keep praying, God keeps answering, thankyou

Claire said...

Great news, Joel's progress sounds really good. God is answering prayer. This blog is a fantastic way to keep informed. And so great to hear that you also have ministry opportunities there. We don't understand why God takes us on some hard routes, but He has a purpose for you being there, other people being touched by His love through you, who may never have experienced Him otherwise. We keep praying. Derek and Claire Warren BBC

Brony said...

We are still very much plugged into your amazing and heartfelt blog, just wanted you to know we are with you in thought and spirit, love from cuzzie Brony and family from sunny Northland.

Josh said...

Man thats so flippen awesome guys!!!! We love hearing this and are praising God because of it!
Love you guys heaps, look forward to seeing you all again soon...
God Bless,
Josh, Ambz and the wee man

Schroders said...

Totally amazing and awesome and brilliant is our GOD ! Tell Joel the Schroders are missing his cheeky charm and hope to see him when we're in Auckland in a few weeks time !!!

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