Saturday, February 20, 2010


As you know the weekend is a little quiet for Joel as far as physio and stuff goes but it wasn’t in regards to visitors. Joel was pretty stoked that Eric and Joel came to visit and then the 3 boys from town arrived, then his uncle and aunty! So it was full on for a while... then they peeled off and the ‘3’ filled in his afternoon and went out for dinner with him. McDonalds was the choice -wouldn’t have been mine, far too healthy! He gets a real buzz when he gets visitors. It is also neat to hear the 3 talk about all the changes they see as they only come up every couple of weeks or so. They were excited to see so much more facial expression and to see him hobbling along. When I prayed with him tonight his first prayer was thanking God for such great mates! Ones that will go through thick and thin with him. And that's not just the ones that have been able to come visit but all that have prayed, written and visited, you mean a lot to him and he says 'thanks'. Notice Joe's new mullet, Donna will be pleased.


Schroders said...

Now Joe has a mullet... was this Joel's idea?! Looks like the boys had a sweet feed. :) Looking forward to seeing you all soon ! Still praying. You're awesome Kev and Cheryll! Love Daniella.

caths said...

Can't imagine how good that must have tasted to joel, although having seen his lunches he has not been doing too badly.... but for a teenager maybe the healthy food is bad. So fantastic to see joel out and about, he is truely a miracle of pray.
See you Monday, love Aunty Catherine.

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