Friday, February 5, 2010


Kevin, Hannah and I started off the day with a meeting with Joel’s ACC case manager from Tauranga. She was very lovely and helpful. ACC gets a lot of flack at times but we’re very grateful for all they’re doing for Joel’s rehabilitation.

Yesterday it was 8 steps … today Joel walked 8 metres. As Kevin stated yesterday, don’t think of walking as striding on out … it is slow and deliberate and he uses a frame that he rests his arms on for support. His left leg is still quite a bit weaker and he is still unable to move his left foot up and down. This makes walking difficult as he can’t lift his foot up to swing through. His physio put a splint into his left shoe to help keep the foot up when walking. He was pretty keen to walk to the end of the deck as Kevin had promised to push him to the nearby dairy for an ice cream if he tried really hard during his physio session.
This afternoon he was pretty chatty and instigating quite a bit of the conversation. He is showing a lot more expression on his face and his smile is much more natural looking now. He gets a bit grumpy after a while of sitting up in the wheelchair as it tires him out and all he wants to do is get back on his bed.
Please can you pray for Joel’s left foot … that he starts to move it up and down. Also that he would be able to see things that are close up clearly. Thanks team :-)

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MelC said...

Wonderful to hear such great progress.
Would love to catch up next week sometime - I should be able to juggle the stuff I need to do around when you're free - I'll ask around for somewhere nice to go for lunch - the young girl in the bakery up the road is nice but her sandwiches are pretty ordinary...

Hope you have a happy, uncomplicated weekend.

I asked Tai if he'd seen you yet but because he only works nights and tends to be with the patients that need the most care, you might need to pop along to Ranui on a Sunday to meet him...

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