Monday, February 1, 2010


Hope you had as gooda day as us. Joel was served breakfast and up till now someone has fed him... but one smart nuse yesterday morning stuck it on his table and said he was to feed himself and he did! Now that may not sound much to you but to us and the staff it was 'one small step for Joel and one giant leap towards full recovery.' Lunch, dinner and drinks are all now self fed! While in his wheel chair he managed to self propel it 10 meters which is also a great acheivement. On his PTA test today he scored 10 outa 12 and so they continue until he gets 3 days scoring 12. While sitting with him up on the deck he stated to wheel his chair but got frustrated coz the front wheels twisted sideways and he couldnt budge it...he was frustrated and when I asked why his answer shocked me. "I was heading for the steps to go down them." Flip... I was wondering what was going on in his head...then he said, "I was only going to go towards them to see how fast you could move." Ratbag!

If you start to wonder if God is still doing healing in Joel you gotta believe it.  There are 3 patients with similar injuries, one of them being Joel. Neither are yet talking, eating by mouth or moving around as much as Joel. (We're praying that they catch up to him soon).  Prayer is powerful.


Bronwyn said...

Huge steps! Awesome!

Dave said...

Praise God for the comtinuing Good news.

As i was praying yesterday i came to Isaiah 42, be encouraged by it, God has his hand on you all, especially Joel at this time.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Kia ora Kevin, Cheryll & whanau,

Rena here (Rachel's friend). My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Joel, kia kaha/stay strong - remember...COURAGE KNOWS NO DEFEAT! Ma te Atua koutou e manaaki e tiaki/God Bless you all. Happy birth/blessed day Joel xox

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