Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday...the day when it all happens

Righteo... not sure where to start. The ladies are back from their break away and it's great to have them back! We have gotten over the rush of visitors who made the pilgrimage from Tauranga to see the man and have settled back into the rhythm of physio and speech and stuff. It has been a day for facing changes. Firstly Joel's walking is being pushed to the next level and they have taken his walker off him and handed him a walking stick as a replacement. He is only allowed that for 3 days and then he will have to 'fly' solo. He had speech therapy in the morning working on his tone and facial expressions to get them functioning appropriately for what he is trying to communicate. Lunch next and then off to physio. This is where the switch of walking styles took place and Anne did more work on strengthening his left side. Then we all trooped off to a family conference with all his key workers. Wow - they are pushing him forward quickly! Tomorrow he is moving house! Yep from house 3 to house 5! House 3 is where most clients start life at rehab. House 5 is the next step towards freedom in that the clients have to take more responsibility for themselves and their welfare. And house 5 is where younger clients (like Joel) leave rehab from....and....they are predicting about 4 more weeks!!!! It might be extended if for some reason his progress slows but if he keeps going at the rate he is, then about 4 weeks and we come home! Shall I say it again? About 4 weeks to go! But wait there is more...he gets his first trip away. Saturday morning we head to Nana and Poppas and come back late Sunday. So if you are thinking about a journey north to see Joel in the weekend... he won't be here. Although this is all great news there is still a lot of work for him to achieve between where he is and where he wants to be. Every visitor that arrives is now conned into laying hands on his left foot to pray that it might start working. Joel has continued to change since leaving PTA behind. He is far more positive and makes extra effort and is starting to really focus on coming home as an acheivable goal. Anyone for a party?

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Russell&Heidi Cathcart said...

That is awesome news. We love reading the regular updates. Will keep praying for Joel's left foot and believe for a good report really soon!
God bless you guys and all that you do.
Russell and Heidi Cathcart (Hilly B)

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