Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lazy Sunday...

A lazy Sunday? Or a great opportunity to be with your son! Joel and I have spent a bit of time together today discussing his accident and what has happened since as he has no recollection of any of it. He even asked if we have been visiting him all the way through…and he remembers no visitors at the hospital. So today he asked to look at his scar for the first time. He had a gork at it in the mirror and said, “That’s pretty radical.” The word ‘radical’ sorta rang in my ears for a bit. Coz Joel for several months while talking to me about his future had often commented, “Dad I don’t want to just be an ordinary boring Christian but want it to be radical and count for something.” Made me start to wonder if this was the beginning of the answer to that sorta desire and prayer. During our conversation today Joel has started to acknowledge that he feels that God has been with him and looked after him…and also said that the last couple of days he has been thanking Jesus for what He has been doing in his life! His reasoning is slowly returning and he has commented that his eyes are ‘behaving’ a lot better. So even though it was a lazy Sunday it was also a very rewarding one and I’m thankful for the ‘more of Joel’ that I saw today.


Claire said...

Sounds very promising. Great that he recognises that God has been with him and looked after him and is thanking Him for what He has been doing in his life. Praise God that his eyes are behaving better. Sounds like you had a good day together. We praise God for His goodness and His continuing healing power flowing through Joel's body making it totally well and whole again. Derek and Claire Warren BBC

Zoe said...

We had our first Year 13 Impact class today and are all eagerly waiting for Joel to join us!!! We are unified in prayer for complete healing for him and for peace, faith and strength for your family. God bless you all.
Zoe Christensen

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