Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday 12th

Yesterday was another full on day for Joel with lots of lying on the bed and sleeping. Oh and he had a strenuous physio session. Not anything that would tire us out but he was whacked at the end of it. Anne did a lot of work with him standing, walking, stepping and even hitting a ballon while standing. Now that sounds not too hard, but for Joel it was all about strengthening his legs, moving his left leg and mostly about balance which is still a big issue. But… he did a few steps between the bars without support or holding on! Agony to watch. We had a friend with us during physio and I made the comment that watching is sometimes very hard coz there is the excitement that he is achieving new things and also the reminder how sick he was and still is, compared to his ‘normal’ health. But mostly deep felt gratitude to our God who is loving and powerful and restoring him. They have set new goals for Joel for next week including going up stairs and in and out of the car. The look on Joel’s face when Anne was talking about his goals showed that the stairs scares him a tad, as he doesn’t think he has the balance or the strength to do it…watch this space. My goal is to continue to ask God to reconnect brain and left foot!

Now for something a litle different…Joel has one of those fancy beds where you hold down a button and it lifts his head, and also for the legs and up and down. Mother decides to have a play…mmm…manages to get Joel nearly folded in half and then pushes the up button and when about one and a half metres off the ground the bed decides to stop. Everyone thinking that this was the full extension of said bed were all reasonably happy until… mother pushes the button to bring him down from such heights…and nothing happens! He is stuck in this elevated position and father realises that it is far too high for the hoist to lift him off the bed… but father keeps this to himself. So after mother has a panic and a nervous giggle and Joel has some interesting questions and statements re his predicament, father is despatched on a search and rescue mission to find out why the bed is not cooperating. After climbing under it and mother coming to help, we find that a power cord had been caught on the foot thingy and slightly pulled out a plug from the ‘black box’. And so Joel came down from his lofty position much to the relief of mother, father and a protesting Joel who was asking why she had done it in the first place. (Now I won’t say anything here about woman drivers, whether it be beds or any other mechanical device)

Had my blood pressure done by one of the nurses and it is all good … so don’t worry about me.


Bronwyn said...

Oh you guys are a crack up! And you absolutely have to have these sort of moments when you're in this position (no pun intended re the bed!) - humour is indeed good for the soul - we found that so many times during our daughter's hospitalisation. Also of course, there are those tough times like you mentioned - when you can see progress, but then you also see how far they have to go - and it just about rips your heart out, along with the fact that the patient is enduring so much along the way. You are doing a marvelous job and so is Joel. One day at a time - and as I learned to say - sometimes it's down to one moment at a time in the day.. hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Enjoying the updates Ceryl and Kevin - keep 'em coming. Thinking of you Joel! Was a pleasure to meet you. Warm regards, Sarah :)

Dave said...

Hi Guys, and Joel, your now seeing the blog, will be praying for you regards brain talking to leg, it will come, keep thanking prasising and asking.

kev thanks for droping in this week and taking the time to share with us. You and C are awesome. its a privillage to share this with you all

Gosd bless you all


MelC said...

Hey Joel did your dad do those press ups to earn his ice cream?

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