Monday, February 15, 2010


3 weeks today since we arrived at the rehab ... Today at physio Joel spent 10 minutes pedaling on the exercycle. This was a huge improvement on the last time as he kept a far smoother action. He also spent time stepping up and down a step which helps with his balance. He is getting a bit frustrated with himself when his left foot doesn't go where he wants it to. After a bit of a walk he practiced getting in and out of the car. That accomplished, I whisked him away for a drive down the road for the mandatory ice cream. At first he felt motion sickness, all to do with the brain and balance and stuff, but that soon came right. A small drive in what Aucklanders would call 'coutryside' and then back for lunch and bed.
In the afternoon the speech therapist talked with him about getting different tones and expressions in his face and voice. At the moment the majority of his speech is still monotone and it can cause trouble when he is being humerous or sarcastic, as it can come across fairly pointed. All stuff for him to re-learn. He is taking a wider interest in things happening and talking future stuff at times which is all good. We are also back up to a 12 for his PTA and he seems a little more determined to remember so that he gets rid of the test. 
After dinner, the ladies escaped to watch a chick flick down in Henderson and I was going to walk Joel back to his bedroom from dinner and asked if he wanted to walk a short distance outside. He agreed! Usually he has taken the option of least effort... wheelchair over walking and certainly no more than what is asked for by the professionals. Well we walked out of the house (dont forget walking frame) and started down the drive. I sugested a turning point which he blew off with the comment that, "he wasn't that much of a cripple" and suggested twice as far...which he did! This was great to see coz it was self motivated. Long may it continue.


Claire said...

It's all sounding really positive, small improvements all the time. It's going to take time and patience but keep trusting God and he'll get there. Derek and Claire Warren BBC

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the continued updates.
Heidi and I are continuing to keep up to date with the fantastic progress that we are reading. We thank God for the continued improvement and continue to left Joel and you family up in pray. I know that sometimes when you are going through tough times over a long period that it seems that people stop paying so much attending too what is happening over time. However I would like to reassure you that you are still being lifted up in pray and God is still paying as much attention as he did at the beginning.

Russell (Hillcrest Baptist)

Liz said...

Hey there
We SO appreciate the blog, and are so blown away by the specific nature of your prayers and God's clear affirmative answers. Still praying for Joel every night...
1 Cor 15v58
"Stand FIRM. Let nothing move you... your labour is not in vain... keep it up"
Missing having you around, but you're always in our thoughts and prayers.
Lots of Love
Liz and thetamfam BBC

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