Friday, February 19, 2010

Today...and a bit of yesterday

How to start? I am here holding the fort while my two ladies are away having a break... so there will be a few spelling mistakes and typos in this blog. I might even try to find a photo so that I don’t have to write so much! Joel had a full day today. Might not sound too strenuous for us but it was very tiring for him. An hour of OT, lunch, an hour of physio, an hour of speech therapy and then a goal setting meeting with all three…by 3.30 he was bushed. Other than the long term goals that roll on he had achieved all that was set for this week and now they are going to push him a little harder. There are a multitude of tests that they are running him through to try to work out if there are any areas of his brain that have weakness or have dropped out the information that he needs to function. So they look at his thinking patterns, memory, logic, problem solving and a host of other things. Some of these I have sat in and to date he has shown very few areas for them to have to work in...Haha wonder why! But the job isn’t done yet so we’ll see what they dig up. Mary said she was going to test his maths to which he said, “I hope you’re good enough.” The other big announcement was that from next week he will have his trusty zimmer frame taken from him and he will have to walk with a walking stick for a few days... and then no support except someone walking with him! This is huge even though his left foot isn’t working yet. Once he is getting around with no devices they will probably shift him to the next house which will start preparing him for the level of independence he will need before coming home.

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