Monday, March 1, 2010

1st Day of March

The days keep marching's been left up to me to write the blog tonight as Kevin has had his first day back at Carey Baptist College ... he txted me before saying he just finished a lecture on, 'what is the ontology of being human'?  I can't help thinking we've been finding that out in the last 2 months! (Well ok, I did have to find out what ontology meant.)

Joel did seem a little tired today, probably the aftermath of a weekend away.  But he still managed a session with the speech therapist, one with the OT, an outing with the physio to Pak n Save to buy supplies to make a couple of lunches (walk not wheelchair) and a session playing 'Wii' this arvo.  I thought his walking was a little smoother today... his sore ankle has settled down which probably helps. He was really pleased to get a bundle of photos and messages from students in Carmichael House at Bethlehem College ... thanks guys.

He asked me what I had got Kevin for our wedding anniversary (tomorrow), to which I said, 'nothing ... his present is being married to me'.  He replied that it would only work if I painted myself in silver body paint. Hmmmm ... I was a bit slow cause I was horrified... until I clicked that it is our Silver Wedding Anniversary!

Thank you everyone for your continued support and prayers ... we are just so grateful for everyone who has prayed and helped us out during the different stages of this journey.  The wonderful people in Hamilton who got us through those first few weeks in hospital... our family, friends, church family, neighbours and many people we don't even personally know... thank you!

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Maxine said...

Hi Kevin & Sheryl... I'm going to try and send a message again. We loved seeing you all again... that boy of yours is one sharp, funny dude. Amazing to see the goodness of God outworking in his recovery. Hannah is very beautiful, like her mommy. Kevin, you are hilarious and profound as usual. WE love you guys. Back in the freezing north again... We're praying, praying... Love, Ray & Max

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