Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Final Curtain

Hi. We have just had a chat as a family and have made the executive decision that this will be the last blog up date. We are very grateful for your prayers, encouragement and the financial support that many of you have given while we have walked this journey. We are also forever grateful and thankful for the grace and mercy that our Lord Jesus has shown to us.

Since being home Joel has been progressing slowly and the improvements now are slow but steady. He is really enjoying being back at school even though it is for only one subject. His OT and Physio are very pleased with how he is going and are very encouraging. The neatest thing of late is that he nearly has full movement back in his left foot but they are still working on strength and muscle tone. Fatigue is still an issue but will be something that Joel will have to manage for a long time ahead and slowly he will buid up stamina.

Joel was really excited with the turn out for the Celebration Service last Sunday evening. His mates in the band did a fantastic job at playing and leading us in some of Joel's favourite songs and we hope that our story has encouraged you all. It hasn't always been easy to be so open with our lives, struggles, pain and triumphs but we are so glad that we have done the blog as it has meant that we did not at any time walk this road by ourselves. One of the things that we wanted to do at the service was to take up an offering for the Rescue Helicopter Trust. We wanted it to be part of our celebration and thanks but sadly we were not allowed. So can I encourage you to consider givng to them as a thanks for the work they do... not just for helping in saving Joel but for the ongoing work they do as they serve our community. Much to my shame I have often seen them, but never given as it never crossed my mind that we would one day need them. If interested you can find their details at:

So it is goodbye from us and thank you all so, so much!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Memories..........and emotions

We had a very interesting day on Thursday. Joel wanted to go and visit Waikato Hospital and we also wanted to keep our side of a bargin that I made with one of the Doctors...that Joel would walk back into see them and that he would be well on the road to recovery! And that's what happened. We started our visit at ICU and were greeted very warmly by the nurse who looked after Joel on his first night back on the 6th of Jan. They were so happy to see him and those that knew him came out and talked at length with Joel and they were real excited and thankful that we come to visit. Then they asked if he wanted to have a look in the ward...there happened to be 2 young men in the ward both with head/brain injuries. One was where he was and the other in the bed next to that. Joel did not like it at all...and just wanted to get out as fast as he could. He said it was horrible and he couldn't stand being in there. Man was he sober at that was good to see some strong emotion from him. Then a couple of his doctors came out into the hall and were amazed at how well he was doing. It was neat hearing Joel thank these staff members who did so much and again they said that not many people ever come back and they were stoked! Then off to Ward 8 and we met with the nursing staff there who gave another very warm welcome. Joel thanked the bloke nurse for wiping his butt... to much laughter. One more doctor and yep he greeted him with a hand shake and "ah it's the kid who woke up like Lazarus!" Again confirming that they never thought he would be so far down the track. So an eventful day and a good one.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hi.......celebration service

What a welcome back! Went to our home church and were overwhelmed by the welcome we received. I think Joel is lapping up his new found celebrity status! He found it funny that so many people have taken an interest in him and he doesn't even know them... but they now know him.

For a while we have pondered the idea of having a church service to celebrate the goodness of God and to share a little deeper about the acts of God in our lives over the last 3 months. So we were rapt when we approached the chief honchos in the church and they were thinking along the same line. So it's all on! This will be a time when corporately we can thank and praise God for His goodness to us as a family and us as a gathered community. Joel has asked some of his best mates to play together in the worship band so that will be special... but he isn't up to playing his bass yet so he asked one of his oldest mates to cover for him. YAY! Go Busty! We will share some of our story......and yep Joel will be there as well and we would be privileged to have you come and join us.

Celebration Service
@ Bethlehem Baptist Church, Tauranga
@ 6-30 pm
On 25th April

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It was 3 months on Tuesday...

Well it seems a very short time and also a life time ago that we got the dreaded phone call...and yet it was only 3 months ago, Tuesday the 6th. We had planned to go out to the orchard where Joel had his accident on the 6th but due to the rain we cancelled... however this afternoon we went. Joel wanted to go and have a look as he can't remember anything about his visit out there.

So we had a very warm welcome from Phil, Lyn and family...drank tea...ate baking...and talked. They talked us through the events of the day and we got a much clearer picture of what happened. Also a better understanding of the horrific events that the 3 friends of Joel went through dealing, not only with Joel, but the paramedics, police and the likes. We will be forever grateful to these 3 and all who were involved in those early hours of Joel's accident. Joel wanted to see the bike he came off and couldn't believe it was such a small bike and not a big grunter like he had been thinking! Then we drove down to the site and looked...and are even more grateful for a loving God who gave us our son back. We saw the bank he went down, the fence he flew over and where they had to rescue him from. Thankyou! It would have been a very sobering time except Joel kept cracking jokes... but tonight as I said goodnight when he went to bed he was so thankful and sober about what had happened.

Thanks for everything Phil, Lyn and Christie... we really appreciate what you have done for us.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


It's great to be home! I have been away since the middle of November when I first ventured forth into the mission field of Hamilton and the rest of the family have been away since that fateful day of Wednesday 6th of January. How things have changed. So what's happening...

Joel has had a steady flow of visitors which has been fantastic. The first night back 10 had arrived by 7 o'clock and Joel was whacked by 9 when I 'shut down' the party. As a result he slept through to ten the next morning and also had to have a 3 hour sleep in the afternoon just to catch up...we were warned that fatigue would be more of an issue when we got home. But it was so good to see Joel home yaking and interacting with his mates. We have said it all along ... we have been very grateful that Joel has had such great mates who are prepared to hang in there with him through his recovery. Their encouragement and visits have been instrumental in keeping him focused on coming home but their willingness to understand and work with what is happening has been so helpful over the last 3 months.

We have had visits from his 'team' here in Tauranga, the physio and OT. After spending time with Joel and assessing where he is at they have recommended that he starts back at school, picking up one subject at the beginning of the term. Usually they organize outings during the week to help with recovery but they think that Joel is ready and motivated enough to make school work. He is over the moon as school is where he wants to be! He also had a visit to the hospital to the blokes who make splints. The idea was to get one especially fitted for Joel so that it was more comfortable for him. Well the fella there made Joel walk around a bit and hey presto announces that he doesn't think Joel needs a splint as such. When he saw the 'modifications' I had done on his old splint he immediately threw it in the rubbish bin...ha... he obviously didn't appreciate my fine engineering skills with a stanley knife! He fitted Joel with this little gismo thingy...a strap around his ankle and a hook that is laced into the toe end of his laces with a rubber band connecting them both, thus giving the foot a little help up as he walks. The end result of this is that Joel is walking with his left foot doing a natural heel toe movement for the first time in 3 months. Since being home he has walked around the park next door every day and it is getting easier with this new band thingy. The other thing we have noticed is that he is getting so much more natural movment in the left foot as a result. He still wants prayer... for his left foot, side and stamina and that his walking becomes more natural and fluid.  Thanks heaps.

Yesterday arvo we went to the church and walked around the Easter Journey presentation. Moving! Facing death is still a bit raw for us all and to think that Jesus went through all He did so that we can have a loving relationship with God...sobering. Without hesitation Joel wanted to write a postal note of thanks prayer for the large wall towards the end of the journey. Then out the end to be caught up in the warm greetings of friends we haven't seen for a while.

With most of his mates away at Easter camps it has been reasonably quiet here which has been good. Thank you for your prayers and we will keep you posted...