Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Just went up to Joel for our ‘goodnight’ visit. Met in the ward by some very happy nurses….here is the story.
Joel had woken enough to eat his dinner. While eating (being spoon fed by the nurse) she thought he was looking a little uncomfortable, this is what happened.
Nurse: “Joel what is the matter? Talk to me Joel”

Joel: “my leg”

At this the nurse nearly fell over in shock!

Nurse: “what is wrong with your leg?”

Joel: “it’s painful”

Nurse: “which one?”

Joel: “my left one”

The nurse continued to feed him after moving his leg…then asked
Nurse: “Joel for pudding do you want custard or jelly and ice cream?”

Joel: “both”

He got both.
When we got there the nurse said to Joel “mum is here, say hi to mum”

Joel: “hi mum”

Mum says, “say hi to Dad”

Joel: “hi Dad”

Then he drifted off to sleep.

In the nurse’s words “it is a miracle!”
Much excitement. Thank Jesus for answering our prayers.


Claire said...

Praise God, He is SO good. We keep praying, believing and trusting for Joel's total return to perfect health. It has been said that miracles are instantaneous, healing takes longer. So keep your faith up for however long it takes. Stand on the promises of God, make positive confessions of your faith, and draw your strength and courage from Him daily. God bless you all
Derek and Claire Warren, BBC

Kirsty Mercer said...

Yay God!!!! hahaha, that is so incredible, so super-encouraging for you guys, haha, that is so cool. Recognition + speaking. Thank you Jesus!!! We are partnering with you guys in prayer, good night, the Mercers

mail said...

I started screaming when I read this - HOLY WOW were the words I used. God definitely has his hand on your family - and Kevin, you got your miracle :)

Jesse Archer,

Schroders said...

Thank You God - almighty healer! We believe for GODS prognosis not the doctors. Thanks for sharing your journey with us - so honest and raw. You're so inspiring. With you in prayer....
The Schroders

Dave said...

Praise God that is fantastic, we are so thankful for this, we will keep praying and thanking God.

kev i would ring ya but don't have your mobile, between 7-30 am and 5pm you can phone me for free on 0800 200 660 , if i'm out of the office leave ur cell number

god bless you all


The Hortons said...

Really fantastic!!

Look forward to hearing of Joel's progress and full recovery.
Our prayer continues to be with you all.

Love Sue & Ross

Lisa said...

Well there for tears here as we read your blog! We are SO incredibly delighted for Joel and for you as a family! I can imagine God's great smile as you got to hear him speak to you... in fact there was probably quite a chuckle! We continue to pray for greater progress. God bless, With love and prayers, Lisa, Lama and Micah 'Alofi

Brony said...

thank you so much for your honest sharing via this blog. I am covered in goosebumps reading and rejoicing in this miracle. Our love and thoughts continue to be with you all. Brony and family XXX

Jorgi Jansen said...

You go Joel!
God is so good :)
Will continue to pray :)
God bless

Love Jorgi

donna said...

I am still dancing!

Carnies said...

I'm with Don x
Nik Taylor

Martyn & Jacqui C said...

What can we say except that God is Great and Merciful! – We will continue to pray for a full recovery and for Gods Blessing on you the family

Martyn and Jacqui Cleary

Howie said...

Hi Kevin and Cheryl

Great so pleased for you all and am looking forward to the news getting better and better- God is good.
Tell Joel that Ash and Rach say hi!

Yahweh Rophi!

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