Wednesday, January 27, 2010

21 days…or 3 weeks later

Yesterday I had to swallow hard. Not because I had never pushed someone in a wheel chair before but I hadn’t pushed one of my kids in one before. Joel was fitted out with a racey little number and given leg exercises and stretches to do while sitting. All progress… all be it too slow for a father who wants his boy back. I wonder what God the Father went through while He watched His only son die…and had to wait patiently for 3 days before he was raised back to life. I know my Joel is coming back and we see small glimpses of that every day… he is off his slop diet and onto chewing stuff now; not being fed as much as in hospital, but it’s all good. He is starting to remember short term memory stuff like names of staff and where he actually is and Joel is managing to move his left leg while lying in bed. Still can’t move it while sitting but the physio says she can feel the muscles twitching which means the message is getting through but isn’t strong enough yet to get the desired response. Patience! Joel has his 17th birthday next Monday so that will be a quiet celebration… but a celebration indeed! Now that he is more responsive we are praying with him rather than just for him. He knows his God.

If you want to come and visit could you please just arrange it with Cheryll or myself and limit it to a couple of people at a time. This is to give his brain as much ‘down’ time as possible.

Hi Cheryll here… When I look back at the photos I took nearly 3 weeks ago I am amazed at where he is now. Back then we were so delighted when he would squeeze our hand on command and here he is having small conversations. Last night Hannah asked him what he was thinking… he gave the right response …he told her he was thinking how pretty she looked … and how annoying the fan was!
We are still blown away by all the prayer that has gone up for Joel (and is still going up) and all the emotional and practical support we have received. Specific things to continue to pray for…

Left leg and side to gain more strength and movement

Determination for Joel to put in the effort during physio sessions etc

That he would be more awake in the day and sleep well during the night

That he would get through the stage they call PTA [post traumatic amnesia]

Patience for Kevin


Bronwyn said...

hmmmm yes... pushing your own child in a wheel chair is not what you ever imagine youself to be doing. All these experiences will stretch you guys - and sometimes they will definitetly threaten to overwhelm - but you WILL emerge from this period in your lives - much stronger in your faith, and also in ways you might not have ever envisaged. Keep on taking it a day at a time - that is the best way. Thinking and praying for you all as a family. You are probably finding already that the prayers of others are carrying you....

Wendy said...

Hi Guys,

It is wonderful news to read of Joel’s progress. You are all in our hearts and prayers.

We want to encourage you.

Your walk reminds us so much of our walk with our son Gav and yet 6 years down the track, on meeting him now, you would never know he has had a serious head injury. His biggest battle would be brain fatigue, but even this has greatly improved.

Gav was not breathing on arrival to hospital and came in at a level of conciousness of 1. They removed a large piece of his skull to allow the swelling to go down and this was left in a freezer and put back on 6 months later. We were initially told it was unlikely he was going to make it and then after the first few days we were told that there would almost certainly be severe brain damage. Its sooooo great when God proves the Drs diagnoses to be wrong.

His PTA lasted for about 6 weeks and even though he was talking and responding etc he doesn't remember any of this stage. The nearest way to describe it would be sleep walking and talking and doing things on command but not having any short term memory.

He also, was in a wheelchair initially, but ditched this after a few weeks of rehab. Even if they can walk it is good to help with the fatigue. We found we would take him out of his room feeling reasonable and then suddenly he would crash.

So be encouraged.

Wendy said...

I see I didn't sign my name in the last Blog, sorry about this.

From Wendy Bratty

Natasha and Richard said...

Just wanting to say I appreciate the blog, I'm currently back in Chch and left the day after the accident. I'm praying for Joel and the family. May God continue with the work he is doing and protect you all.

Thought I would give you an encouraging story, almost 2 years ago to the day of Joel accident a mate of mine had a road cycle accident and ended up with briusing to his brain, although recovery was slow and painful sometimes, I'm glad to say he is now his old self and back doing what he loves most, youth work.

Also want to share that during the prayer session held at BBC after the accident, I didn't feel any concern for Joels life and that God had it under control, and felt although this is something Joel will always have as part of his life, he is going to back to his old self soon enough, and the story of God healing would be great for the man as he shares his story from the stage with his music.

God Bless RICO (Past Wired Youth Leader)

Dave said...

Hi Kev, great news with joels progress. i have been following the blog and praying as requested, i felt in particular to pray for joels leg. What a wonderful healer our God is.
talking of wheelchairs i remember having Naomi in a wheelchair when she was three, shes 16 this year.

Also do you remember me and you a few years back now, down the strand, 1 0r 2am and pushing Dion up Devonport rd in his wheel chair, we shared the good news, while he tried to indoctrinate us with communism. Those Drug-Arm days were a season, you are in a season right now, It will end and joel will be fully healed, amem amen amen
God bless you all

Claire said...

So good to hear the news of Joel's progress, small steps all adding up to good improvement day by day. God is good, just keep trusting Him and believing that His healing power is at work in Joel's body, and that he will eventually be totally well and whole again in every part of his body. Remember that God's timing is not our timing, His is perfect, so is His wisdom. Hope that Cheryll's leg is improving too. With love in Jesus, Derek and Claire Warren, BBC

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