Wednesday, January 20, 2010

late last night

Last night after we did the blog Cheryll got a phone call. It was Waikato Hospital. Heart racing…it was Joel’s nurse and she was so excited coz she had just feed him his dinner of minced up vege and he had eaten it all. Now I’m not surprised that he ate it all he always does with food, but it was great news. He drank about 50 mls of water from a glass to wash it down. We went out to celebrate at a café. We all had coffee and Cheryll and Hannah had this flash Italian pudding thing…and I wasn’t allowed one coz they reckon I’m getting a bit porky but the coffee was good, so it’s all good news. We are just going up now to see him this morning. Thanks for your love and prayers.


Hanna family said...

What amazing news! We are celebrating with you. We continue to pray for you all.
Dave, Sharyn, Corey & Laura

MelC said...

Fantastic news - obviously Joel's heard how good it is out west and can't wait to get here either!

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