Friday, January 15, 2010

Today…fri 15th

Hannah and I (Kevin) came back to Tauranga today to take care of things at home. We are overwhelmed by your offers for help and for the prayers that you offer for our Joel. thanks to those who helped with Hannah’s car.

Cheryll has stayed with Joel and some close friends for support back in Hamilton. She has just phoned to say that Joel has had a very sleepy and restful day. More answers to your prayers…his hands have stopped turning in which is a very positive sign… the swelling on his noggin is starting to go down a little… he is not having any more bouts of stiffening and shaking as if he were having a fit, and the blessings of yesterday with him being able to control and regulate his temperature and the other thing. He is very peaceful and resting well. Late this afternoon he was shifted to the neurological ward. Not sure what that is going to be like but no doubt we will find out.

We continue to pray for his complete restoration which only God can do.

Txting. We love getting your txts and encouragement but please understand that although we try to return txts, at times we just can’t. It does not mean we don’t love you and are not very grateful for your concerns and prayers. Today I have received over 80 txts…. get what I mean. I’m not a teenager so cant get back that quick.

If anybody from the press or media comes across this site…I would like to remind you that it is copyright.

Final thoughts…
I have spent some precious time with a close friend this afternoon. I have left her with two verses to ponder on; “God is loving and God is powerful” and “don’t be afraid, just believe.”

And my own thoughts for what they are worth…we as Christians have often prayed to see a miracle…but have we ever considered that to see one somebody somewhere has usually gone though some form of pain, suffering and loss? So what are we actually asking for?


Carnies said...

Bless you guys so much, constantly in our prayers and thoughts xx Phil and Nik Taylor xx

Sccones Family said...

Hi Cheryll and Kev
We are with you every step of the way
Love Grant & Kerry

Dave said...

Hey Kev, cheryll, Hannah, Logan, may God strengthen you and comfort you, Joel, you will feal the healing hand of God.
You are constant in our thoughts and prayers

all our love Dave and Trish

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