Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hi… are you waiting for this?

Joel has had a huge day. We have been amazed at the progress and the staff are also rejoicing at how good Joel is at this stage of recovery. He has talked to the physio, doctors, nurses, visitors and family today. By talking we mean a couple of words and answering questions. He is aware that he is in Waikato Hospital and was able to tell the nurses the date of his birthday and the year he was born. He said to Hannah that she was looking good and was asking us to move his legs around to get them more comfy. He also wanted to know where his cell phone was. The youth of today eh … can’t live without the cell phone! When we told him that Rory probably had it, he was confused as to why. We have been told that short term memory is usually a problem area but we will wait and see what God has done. This evening he asked for pillows to be put under his legs and said those wonderful words, “I love you.” He has also eaten all 3 meals and is only getting the stuff down the tube at night coz he isn’t eating enough to keep his calorie count high enough. The biggest delight for him today was seeing Logan, Amie and Sienna for the first time since being in hospital. There are still some major hurdles to face but we are confident in what God has said; that he will recover completely. One of my personal prayers has been answered. I have daily prayed that Joel would be peaceful as he wakes and this is how he is. A lot of patients recovering from head injuries wake very disorientated, aggressive, agitated and with some very colourful language. Joel has skipped this part which is great. Please keep praying for his full recovery and specifically at the moment for his left side to become more mobile and in particular that he is able to move his left leg around the bed.


taylor.renee said...

"The Lord will give him strength when he is sick, and He will make him well again."
Psalm 41:3

Keep getting better mate.
Looking foward to seeing you back in the mighty CJT.
We'll all be praying for you :)

Wendy said...

This is very exciting. We are thrilled to see such progress. As we read the Blog each day it brings back many memories.
Even though we don't personally know Joel, he is continually on our hearts and so is the rest of your family.

The Bratty's

Lisa said...

Wonderful progress! This is like watching some series on TV that you just don't want to miss! Only better. We are thanking God for His goodness and for all these neat things that are happening for Joel! So wonderful. God bless, Love & prayers, Lisa, Lama & Micah

jo carey-bradshaw said...

I'm with Wendy. I have been following, and remembering our own journey.. I am so happy for all of you, and i am so glad this is working out so very, very well.

Emily said...

This is great, I read with such delight in the faithfulness of God. WOW, HE is good!

Miss Hill

minlot said...

Praise the Lord for HIs goodness and mercy, to Him be the glory. Tina Ralph and family.

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