Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday 20th 2 weeks since the accident!


This was going to be the original report for the day but a new one soon.
Not much to report tonight. It’s been a day of sleeping. A bit like watching grass grow. When we got to Joel’s room there were two physios strapping Joel into a bed contraption thingy and he looked a bit like Frankenstein with big body straps across him. Then they pushed the button and over the next ten minutes, with breaks for rests, the bed slowly went upright. He ended supporting a little of his weight on his legs in a standing position, still strapped into the bed. After a few minutes upright he was slowly lowered and then hoisted into his lazy boy. The physios were rather amused as they had never had a patient who had remained asleep for the whole procedure. He remained in his chair and then while we were having lunch he was stuck back in his bed and there he stayed all day. The only thing that changed was if he was snoring or not. We have come to accept that after a good day comes a sleep day. Logan and Amie will visit for the first time tomorrow as they have been in Gisborne getting over an illness.
If you would like to pray lets ask God that Joel starts waking regularly to eat so that he can have his food tube removed.
There have been some questions asking if Joel is still in a coma. Medically he is not. Apparently they work on a system of grading from 0 through to 15. When we are awake we are at 15 and if we have just had an all night bender we are probably at 14. 0 is dead and at 8 a person is flipping between coma and not in a coma. The last we were told Joel was at a level of awakness of 11. So when we talk about him being awake it is a very dozzy in between sorta wakeness. Not asleep but not fully alert like most of us. Does this explain it? Probably not but you could Google it for more info. Any way what I’m trying to say is he is not in a coma but he isn’t as awake as we are but he does the sleep thing very well and the snoring has been perfected as an art form!

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