Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday evening.

Here we are at the end of another day. Cheryll and I have just spent the last half hour of visiting up with Joel. He was fast asleep so I held his hand and prayed. And also reflected back on some of the journey…the three major ‘bad news’ reports from the medical staff and the amazing recovery so far from Joel…the little stories of how this has affected and challenged people and their faith in God, including our own…the incredible prayer support we have heard about and felt…the fantastic practical support from the people here in Hamilton…and the terrific friends that Joel has and the love they show to him and us…and I could go on but won’t bore you.

Joel has improved a little more today. He tires very easily when there is a group of visitors and nods off to sleep readily. The conversations he had showed that there’s nothing much wrong with his long-term memory. He was able to recall most of what was being talked about. He is also getting a little more assertive that he wants to get out of bed, which is a good sign. He alternates between a lazy boy chair and his bed. He rang his buzzer for the nurse today, not once but 3 times, which indicates an ‘emergency’. They all came running and then he calmly said, “Can you move me into my bed please?”

Thank you for all the comments that people have made on this blog … just like some of you have told us that you look forward to reading the blog every day … we too look forward to reading your comments. We’ve also been told by quite a few of you that for some reason you are unable to post comments on here … so there must be something not quite right with it.

We are praying:

For Joel to be able to move his left leg around more

Movement to become more smooth and automatic

For his short-term memory

That God continues to restore the areas in his brain that were affected by the knock


Michael said...

Hi Val, thanks for your bravery in the blogging world. Its all new to me.
And so good to hear about Joel's improvements. No doubt that the concentrated prayer chain is getting through and your constant support and care too will be a major factor.
You will recall that I had some time with ACC, and had head injured clients, so if there is any thing practical in that Dept that I can assit with, let me know.
I am not sure how public this blog is yet so If you need please call me on 07 573 5545 or 027 2222942. We will continue to bear you all up in our pryaers here, may God bless you in ways you need, Michael and Olevia.

Claire said...

Praise God for His goodness. This blog is so good as we know how to pray specifically on a daily basis. Basically we are praying for God's healing power to flow through Joel's body and for every cell and fibre to be made totally whole and healthy. It's fantastic being able to keep up with his progress on a daily basis. What a wonder modern technology is. We pray too for the rest of you to keep strong, keep the faith and be filled with God's peace in the knowledge that He is in control and that He is the author of things thought impossible. He is good, He is gracious, He is kind and merciful and He loves you. God bless you all. Derek and Claire Warren

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