Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday 16th Jan

Not sure what to say. It is hard…no step of this journey has been easy but our boy just sleeps. We know this is good for him but when you miss someone who is lying a foot in front of you and you can’t communicate… it ain’t easy. Joel has a few ‘wake’ times and by that I mean he drifts into a ‘no-mans’ land somewhere between awake and asleep. He is still responding when asked and we have been told by the nursing staff that he is doing well…I suppose we just want to see something with our own eyes.

Ok … I only got 5 txts today!! We LOVE getting txts … I didn’t mean not to send them … we need your encouragement still and just to know you’re praying and thinking of Joel during the day is so special.

After the weekend his ‘food in a tube’, which at the moment feeds him continuously, begins to be put down the tube 3 times a day so as to start reminding him that there is breakfast, lunch and dinner. What the nurses don’t realize is that he has always fed continuously! He now only gets ‘woken’ to respond every 4 hours instead of every 2 and this will enable him to sleep for longer periods uninterrupted. Other than that we have not seen any change. So we wait (patiently mostly but every now and then a sense of impatience floods over) in faith and trust in the God that loves him and us.

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