Thursday, January 14, 2010

Update on the update

Ok. The roller coaster goes up again
We have just come back from our good night visit to Joel.

We have had the best responses from him that we have had since the accident. He gave us several winks in response to different things we said…I asked him if he wanted to give us a smile and the corners of his mouth moved up! We kept going and talked to him how good it was that Hannah is being steadfast in her faith, we said to him, “isn’t that cool”...his response? He nodded. I then talked to him about Logan and Steven going pig hunting and he gave winks and facial responses. I asked him if he wanted us to put a photo of him on this blog and he shook his head indicating a definite NO, I asked him if we could put on a photo pre accident, and he shook his head again

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