Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last night in the Waikato

The big shift is on tomorrow! Joel is off to rehab (not drug & alcohol); a special unit that helps rehabilitate from brain injuries, more on this soon.

Today Joel was very sleepy in the morning which wasn’t much fun for his mates that arrived from Tauranga but he perked up in the afternoon to greet Adam with a “wassup bro.” As the afternoon wore on he came out with some more of his sense of humour and even made comments on how ‘phat’ Joe’s Honda-saurus was. He has moved a little more sometimes pulling himself around on funny angles on his bed by hanging onto the edge of it. His left leg is still not moving so that is something we can all pray for. He has great recall of the past but still not much short memory which is normal as he doesn’t have the brain energy to remember and then recall. Ask him who visited yesterday and he will name someone but not the ones who were actually here. In saying that, some ‘special visitors’ he does remember. The thing that the nurses were most happy to hear was that he asked for help re certain bodily functions instead of just letting rip! These are all important steps.

If any of you want to write to him the snail mail address is:

Joel Robertson

c/o ABI Rehabilitation

180 Metcalfe Road


Waitakere City

Auckland 0612

There is no point in txting him as he does not have the capacity to use his phone yet. As far as visiting is concerned it will be at the above address but can you please contact us first. From what we can gather the staff work out a weekly schedule for him and visiting must then work round these times. It is also restricted in numbers and the length of stay so that Joel will use the energy he has towards his improvement. So what I’m saying is I don’t know yet. Keep you posted. God has been very gracious to us…we got a phone call and have been offered a house for the first week in Auckland. Its an interesting part of the journey but God has already showed us that we can trust him!

(Cheryll writing now): Just one other thing before we move on from Hamilton… while Joel was in ICU we met an amazing lady named Beatrice whose husband had been very, very sick for some weeks. She was almost like an angel that God sent for me and we often met in the waiting room or the corridor and would hug and pray together. Please pray for healing for her husband Russell and strength for her as she walks this journey.


Malone family said...

We have been praying for you all since we heard the news, while on holiday in Scotland. Our God is so faithful in his promises. Carmichael House will be standing with you Joel, as God heals you, and we want you back before Big Sing!
Sandra Malone

John and Jill Skelton said...

Wow what a big day you will have all had. Been so thinking of you. All in the name of continued healing though eh.
With love - Skeltons

Carnies said...

Bless Bless Bless! Mwah! Nik and Phil again!

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