Thursday, January 14, 2010


Here is the up date for today. When we first were spoken to by the doctors they warned us that we were going to have a rollercoaster ride as far as our emotions are concerned. Well they understated what it was really going to be like.

This morning Joel seemed the best we had seen him. Responding well to spoken commands, again just the little things but also raising his eye brows. These are the little things that we have wanted to see and also the small changes that the medical staff say should be happening. We also had a neat visit with a good friend of ours who has worked in this field of medicine and he said without reading Joel’s notes etc. that these signs were encouraging.

As we shared last night Joel had a MRI scan today. We waited in anticipation of a good report and were devastated when the head of the neurological team told us that Joel has suffered an ‘extreme diffused brain injury.’ What does this mean? Extreme = bad, real bad; diffused = all over the brain not just a small local area in the brain; brain injury = brain damage. Sorry it doesn’t sound better but it was devastating to us. We cried, were confused and felt real empty.

What has happened since?

Well we came back to my little flat. Cheryll, Hannah, myself and my sister Karen who had been visiting during the day. We have sat in silence for a long while and occasionally looked blankly at each other. The odd tear as well!

We have taken stock of where we are at … and really the only thing that has changed is that we have knowledge of what we are asking of our God. We need a miracle. A very big one that cuts across everything that has been told to us and restores our precious Joel back to us soon. Yesterday we were asking for his restoration, today we are still asking for the same thing! The only thing that has changed is that somewhere in our humanness we think it is harder for God.

We go over the verses from the Bible that have been given to us: Do not be afraid, just believe, God is strong and God is loving, I lie down and sleep; I wake again because the Lord sustains me. Psalm 91; Proverbs 3.

A dear sister shared with us after attending her church last Sunday that this year will be a year when God’s miracles and healing will be performed through ‘ordinary’ Christians. We are just ordinary Christians. Will you join us and together we will see God intervene on Joel’s behalf. We love you all…do not be afraid, just believe!


Jenny said...

Hi Cheryll &Kevin, we love you all. I came across this verse and have been praying it for Joel. Acts 4:29-31. Love Jenny

mail said...

A tear came to my eye when I read this - yes, sure its not *amazing* news from the MRI...but I'm blown away by your attitude and heart through the whole thing - keep trusting in the Lord Kevin & family.

This is a challenge to my own life guys.

Here with you in thoughts & prayers - Jesse Archer.

Chrissie said...

Dear Kevin and Cheryll
I am saddened to hear of Joel's nasty accident. My prayer is that your son will know the healing of God, that he will flourish again and that you will know God's presence through the lonely times of night. Much love to you and your family.
Chrissie Lucas (Carey)

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