Friday, January 22, 2010

Hi friends.

Have you found that our postings are getting a little lighter in nature?

Cheryll went back to Tauranga for the day so that she could sort out her class room and school stuff. Hannah went back as well so that she could work for 3 days which is good ‘normal’ stuff for her to do. And all this meant I was to hold the fort here and do all the visiting by myself… but some others turned up which is what happens when your son has such great close friends. I want to share three things which happened today.

First was… we haven’t had any real contact with the top dogs of the neurological team since being on their ward. Visiting doesn’t start till after they have finished their rounds. We knew that if we had questions they have been available but we have been rapt with the nursing staff and the info we get from them. Any way today I was walking down the passage of the ward and one of the neuro surgeons came towards me. I said, “my boy’s doing well isn’t he?’ to which he replied “Well? Your boy is a Lazarus.” They don’t chuck words like that around often!

Second was… a good friend, one of his many ‘lady friends’ came today for a visit. She had bought over a photo of some friends which also included her. We are starting to collect these for the team in the rehab to use for memory work etc. Well I asked Joel if he knew the people in the photo, to which he said yes. I pointed to the first of the 5 in the photo, Joel responded with “me”, the second he said “Lewis”, to the middle person in the photo, who happened to be the young lady standing next to me, he said, “some random chick” then he went on to name the other two in the photo, “Luke and Georgina.” I asked him again about this random chick and told him to look at who was standing next to me. I said, “is this just a random chick?” to which he replied, “Oopsy”. I think he still has his sense of humour!

Thirdly… we have our marching orders. On Monday morning at 9.00am Joel is leaving Waikato Hospital and moving to the brain injury rehab in Ranui. So we will all become ‘Westies’ for a while. Cheryll will travel with him by ambulance and then Hannah and I will follow up behind to start the next part of the journey. We’ll keep you posted.

PS. Joel ate all his dinner tonight. He had asked for a McChicken burger but had to eat slopsy stuff. When he was all done the nurse asked him if he was full. “Yep” he replied. When she had walked out he turned to ‘the young lady’ visitor and said, “to tell you the truth I could eat all that again.” Ha that’s my boy. Speech is still slow but improving and his ‘food tube’ is out and so is the ‘other one,’ so it’s all looking very positive. Thanks again for your prayers, love and encouragement.


MelC said...

sooo looking forward to welcoming you out west for the next chapter of your story
see you soon = )

I_live said...

This is such good news! Thank you so much for letting us all journey with you and giving us pointers for prayer. It brings to mind a picture of a choir, with the conductor overseeing all the parts to produce a beautiful noise. God is Faithful. Phil and Mirella

Martyn & Jacqui C said...

If you need some tips on how to live like a 'Westie' come and see us - PS if you need a break from being a Westie come over to Eastside.

Ph 029 520 9598 or 521 1793

Martyn & Jacqui C

Carnies said...

Whoop whoop - Lazarus - Bring it on!!!!

xxxxx The Taylors xxxxx

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