Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday evening up date.

Keep praying! As already reported this morning Joel was playing doctor during the night removing his drip lure twice and his food tube as well. So today he had his arms restrained, which apparently is good news. When we are there visiting the restraints are removed coz we can monitor and stop every attempt to remove all irritating tubes. This morning he had a shower, physio and then slept, yep with the ever present snoring. But this afternoon the speech therapist came to check him out…and he started swallowing! Started with water from a teaspoon and then drinking slowly from a glass, swallowing! The up shot of this, they will try to feed him puree (baby food) tomorrow when he is awake enough. We are overwhelmed with praise, thanks and joy. When he eats enough to keep his calorie count at the required level he will have the food tube removed. But wait there’s more! He is moving both his arms and hands slowly but deliberately itching and rubbing his face and of course having a go at that tube. This is all done in very slow motion. We also got our first smile and a thumbs up with his right hand in a response to a question asked. The speech therapist also got a grunty noise out of him and said that he still has his voice and it is usually fairly slow to come back. What can we say? A big thank you Lord for the continued improvement and a big thank you to those who are praying.

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Praise the Lord indeed!!

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