Thursday, March 25, 2010

Last night in Ranui

Here we go on the next stage of the journey! Back home tomorrow... so this is our last blog posting as Westies. I will have to go through a reformation of sorts...not driving through orange lights...not speeding up to get through the lights before they turn red...not using the horn so much as a warning device...getting a hair cut that is not dated in the seventies etc. Also have to trade in my old falcon 500 for something more appropriate. Good bye West Auckland.

Just about had to tie Joel down tonight, he is so excited. People are asking him how he feels about going home... the answer is always the same, "words cannot describe how I'm feeling inside." He has a final physio session tomorrow at 10:00 and then we are outa there.

We will continue the blog for awhile when we get home to keep everyone up to date but it will only be about once a week. I might miss it...even been thinking of starting another one just writing stuff for the heck of it...but then I realised I would be the only one reading it.

Well the next time you read this it will be from Tauranga... where the only people with mullets are crazy young teens who are trying to worry their parents.


Neal and Joanna said...

Soooooooo excited for you all, what a journey you've been on and what an amazing testimony you have Joel. Will miss the blogs,what will we sit up for at night now if you stop writing them, but if you do decide to keep writing them Kev we will read them, infact you could use it to practice writing sermons. We all looking forward to seeing you guys, love you heaps, God bless.

The Harrisons said...

We are still with you guys and have been following the blog regularly. Thanks for the awesome card which is pinned up in a prominant place so we can continue to hold you up in prayer with this next step in your recovery journey. Lots of love, Andy, Ali & girls.

Bronwyn said...

So very pleased and excited for you all - when you've been away from home through circumstances out of your control it becomes a true haven..... and I think you should keep blogging - I would certainly continue to read and follow. Love your humour! All the very best to you as a family. Hope we get to meet in person one day.

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