Monday, March 15, 2010

A Few Days

It's been a few days since our last update, not because nothing has happened, but we did forget to take the computer with us when we went north. Sometimes it feels like we are part of the Truman Show or some reality cyberlink show where you get to look at snap shots of what we are doing...How are you doing?

At the end of last week I shot down to Tauranga to have a meeting with ACC who organise the team to look after Joel when he returns home. They have been terrific to work with and have things actioned already. Hannah and I also had the privilege of meeting with a family who are praying for a miracle for one of their children. What an amazing couple who have for years prayed in faith for their child's healing. This is what the body of Christ is all about... praying, believing and supporting each other in our time of need. It was an eventful 24 hours back coz I also had the privilege of speaking with the Year 13s at Bethlehem College. This school community has been incredibly supportive of us since Joel's accident. I said to the students that I was training as a pastor and that if I led a church that cared, prayed, encouraged and gave like the Bethlehem College Community has, I would consider that church successful. We were blown away to receive a cheque from the proceeds of a Mufti Day ... thank you seems inadequate but what else can we say! It was great to share with his peers what Joel has been through and also a small part of our faith journey.  He can't wait to get back to school. When he starts back he will probably only cope with one subject, as fatigue will still be an issue.

We went to Nana's and Poppa's for the weekend. Cheryll, Joel, 3 friends and myself. This was a fantastic time especially in that Joel was so much more independent than last time. The only time I really had to watch his walking was when he was going down stairs to watch a movie and have a shower. Other than that he now has the freedom to move around ... although he still thinks we are his slaves at his beck and call. That will change! Saturday morning we ended up at Omaha where we decided to walk half the length of the beach (concrete pathway). Joel walked a little way but was happy to be pushed in the wheelchair by the old fella for most of it, ate a trumpet, then slogged our way back to the car. Having some friends with him was very encouraging and there was no way he wanted to return to the rehab Sunday afternoon. Next trip will be back to Tauranga!

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Bronwyn said...

So very pleased for you all that home is on the horizon again. And glad you had a chance to be away without the computer - it shows you are having some quality time again with your family. Pleased to hear Bethlehem College rallied round, though not surprised :) All the very best to you for the next steps of your journey - will continue to pray.

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