Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2 to go

Yep thought it was time to up date all you lovely blog followers. It is 2 sleeps to go till home time and we have one very excited boy! He can't wait and to be honest neither can we.

Yesterday Cheryll brought Joel over to Carey Baptist College for chapel and lunch. One of the reasons was to stick him in an unknown 'social' environment to see how he handled it...which he did. And we also wanted to thank the Carey community for their prayers, encouragement, friendship and giving. He even wondered if he will end up there doing study at some stage. Today was the normal physio and stuff and this avo we went down to the pool for his hydrotherapy. I went along and coughed up my money for a ignoring the encouragement from a certain person yelling, "wow, a beached whale," and "who's got a harpoon" I slipped gracefully into the pool and did a few lengths. Then tonight I went back and spent the early evening with him. Joel commented that his workout in the pool was far less tiring and reckons that his stamina is building.

We are making plans for our return and we are aware that there will be new challenges as we try to return to a more normal routine. Joel is so looking forward to seeing all of you 'Taurangaites' again!  Just give us a phone call if you're popping over for a visit as we have to schedule in rest/sleep periods for him during the day. One of the things he is looking forward to is walking Sam, his dog. He should be able to do one circuit of the park every day as a start and build up from there. One little thing that would help him in his fitness...has anyone got an exercycle that they aren't using that we could borrow for a few months? or a treadmill? These two exercises are very good for him as they provide a very even and constant pattern which helps strengthen his weak left side.  Logan, Amie and Sienna are coming up from Gisborne to see us this weekend so that will be neat to have the whole family back together in one piece.


Deb said...

Hi Guys... Debbie here from number 6 Te Hono... having been following your blog daily, and looking forward to welcoming you back to the neightbourhood! Just so happens that (amongst our junk... yep, containers still there... house still not finished!), we have a treadmill! Would be more than happy to lend it to you guys.

Amelia said...

Hey guys, been stalking you from afar and it's great to hear how well Joel's doing!
Just to let you know we do indeed have an unused excercycle at home (waihi), so flick me a text if you were wanting it! 027 826 0366
Amelia Rubin =]

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