Monday, March 15, 2010


Yay ... Joel moved his left foot upwards twice today by himself!!  It wasn't that long ago that he started being able to move his toes ... and remember when that first started he could only do it every now and then ... and now he can wriggle them whenever he wants.  So we're really excited that a movement that requires different muscles is starting to kick in. 

He had a great physio session and Steph was really pleased with his progress.  By the end of physio today his left thigh muscle was shaking uncontrollably just from all the exertion. She spent a bit of time trying to work the electrode thingy that makes his foot flex upwards.  It wasn't really working properly ... something that she put down to his hairy legs not letting the electrodes sit firmly on them.  So his job tomorrow morning is to shave some patches on his leg ready to try it again.  

Please keep praying for his left side to continue to gain strength and that he would get more and more upward movement in his foot. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support ... look how far he's come!

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Claire said...

We're just back from holiday, have just read all the blog postings since 27th Feb when we went away and it's so encouraging to read about Joel's progress to date. Slow, yes, but when you look back over the past weeks it's huge. We are so grateful to have a loving Heavenly Father who hears our prayers and is at work in Joel's body to make it whole again. We're sure that he can't wait to be back home and will be praying for patience as he slowly eases back into his normal activities. Derek & Claire Warren BBC

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