Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday...a day of rest

Well Sunday has come and just about gone. Joel had a lazy morning with us and then visitors in the afternoon. This lovely brother and sister duo made the trek up from Tauranga and were excited to see Joel for the first time since the accident.  He is very blessed in having such loyal and loving friends. After their great visit ... which included the young lady having to push him down and then up the hill in the wheelchair to get an ice cream ... they left for home. A wee while later I get a txt, "we have just got to Huntly is that close to Matamata?" A quick txt back put them on the right track ... first timers to Auckland!

Nothing much else happened for the day. A few people have asked re the maths test he was given a few weeks ago...he got 100% and didn't use the calculator that was offered. I know we keep saying it ... but he is doing real well. We are all getting a little impatient to get home but hey...another 24 hours closer!

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Hanna family said...

Ha, what a road trip! They certainly got Mama's sense of direction :-)
Great to hear you're doing so well Joel. We continue to pray for you and love the updates each night.
Mama Hanna

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