Thursday, March 4, 2010

8 Weeks!

Yep its 8 weeks since I got that terrifying phone call...but we have a God that loves us and is still active in this world.

Today Joel managed to cross off a few more goals that had been set for the week. He managed 15 minutes on the exercycle without having to have his left foot man-handled into position. Secondly he has walked up and down the stairs unaided, and thirdly his walking stick has been extracted from his grip and he is now walking... "look mum no hands!" This is a big move as now his walking action or style will start to settle into a more natural gait. He still holds his upper body, arms and hands quite rigid, but without artificial walking aids, I saw his arms swing for the first time today. He had a couple of lots of visitors today, which he enjoyed. It was encouraging when 3 visitors this afternoon (up for Paramore concert) dropped in and were amazed at the changes they saw in Joel's speech and demeanor. Sometimes we don't notice changes due to seeing him every day. He also cooked his lunch twice this week... Tuesday was pizza and today the bacon and eggs flipped outa the pan. It is encouraging to see him begin to do ordinary things that normally he would manage as second nature. One day closer to home!


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, awesome achievements today, i still feel a little emotional when i read ya blogs,they are so encouraging and a reminder of what an amazing God we have and that we should never stop believing in miracles. What will we do when they stop, i'm thinking it gunna be very soon, will be good to have you all home again. Take care, God bless lots of love Joanna

Dave said...

How amazing life is when we let go and let God,
thinking of you all and praying daily

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!! Isn't He wonderful. I read your blogs every day and look forward to them. My thoughts and prayers are still going out to you all. Joel you are amazing - keep up the good work! You are an inspiration to us all. xx Janice Schluter

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