Friday, March 19, 2010

Back to the olds...

Yep I took the computer into Joel this afternoon thinking that he could take over the duties of blogging but the response was, "Dang just coz I'm a little bit better I'm not doing all the work, remember I have had a brain injury!" I'll let him off this time but he won't be using that excuse for too much longer. After his big hike around yesterday Joel is a bit more subdued today. He is counting down the days like a kid waiting for Christmas! Still had to set goals for the coming week and still doing his physio etc. All still slowly improving but we are still waiting for his left foot to kick in (no pun intended).

Ages back I mentioned that we as a family have been praying for another client here. Well we have been taking things slowly but have continued to pray. I have had some good talks with the mum and she has asked if we could get others to pray for her daughter! So if you want you could add Jody to your list. Jody was in Waikato Hospital at the same time as fact she was wheeled outa ICU as Joel was wheeled into her bed. Her accident was at the beginning of December and she suffered a similar injury to Joel, but recovery has been very slow. She is just now approaching where Joel was when he left hospital. Eating a little and saying a few words, and the odd smile. I teased her today that she won't be able to make eyes at Joel during physio after next week and she smiled!  Mum wanted us to first of all pray that she would be at peace...and she was...then she wanted us to pray that she would communicate and say those precious words, 'I love you'... and she has just done that. Mum is calling it a miracle and says she now believes in miracles! Let's keep praying for this young lady and her family.

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