Friday, March 5, 2010


Just got home from being with Joel...a real late night for him but he insisted that we should watch the Chiefs game. He wilted towards the end and the fact that the Chiefs lost didn't help!

The boy reached another mile stone today... he did 10 minutes walking on the treadmill with a speed greater than 3. Not sure how fast '3' is, but it is what the physio had set as a challenge and goal to stretch him... so he is feeling chuffed. Part way through he complained that the splint was hurting but he continued on...his competitive nature is returning. When he got back to his room he took his shoes off to reveal a nice long (1 inch) blister on his instep from the plastic splint in his shoe. So being a good kiwi bloke I have attacked the plastic splint with a stanley knife and made a few modifications. Not sure what the physio will think of the new look splint, but at least over the weekend he can continue to walk. Talking about walking... we have all noticed a huge improvement in his walking since getting rid of the stick. Another day closer to coming home!

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