Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yep we got to come home! And have had a great welcome home from friends, neighbours and the family (and the dog). The house was done out with 'Welcome Home' banners, balloons and lollies... thanks heaps to those who did it. Then our family all got together...then Joel's friends started to arrive! We didn't break up the 'party' till nine, and by then Joel was starting to wilt. He got to bed by ten then slept right through till ten...and had a two and a half hour sleep in the afternoon. When there are heaps of people at one time he tires quickly but he has had a great 'welcome home' and is rapt that the next step in recovery is here. Saturday evening we had a family celebration... and in our family that means FOOD! So we ate. It was real neat to have all the kids... Logan, Amie Sienna, Hannah and Joel around the table as we gave thanks to God that we are still all together. 

Today (Sunday) he has had a couple of friends and neighbours to visit and this afternoon he walked around the park once with Dan and the dog. I think both were happy to be with him! A sleep in the afternoon before another close friend arrived for the late afternoon and evening.

Through some kind offers we have both a treadmill and exercycle for him to start on so thanks very, very much.

This week is shaping up to be busy for him. Appointments at the doctors and the hospital... and then on Tuesday with the new physio and OT team etc. It is so much more relaxed for all of us now that he out of the 'institution' but we are ever so grateful for the team that has worked with him up in Ranui. And yes I'm calming down my driving habits.

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So good to hear this.
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