Monday, March 8, 2010


Kevin was off to college again today so it was just Joel and me for most of it.  I didn't go in 'til after lunch as his morning was pretty busy with the speech therapist and then going to Pak n Save to shop for his lunch items like he did last week.  He said it was a lot easier walking around Pak n Save compared to last week.  I think his walking continues to improve and he is getting more movement in that left foot ... it seems slow ... but bit by bit.  The physio is going to try the electrode thing again but this time have it all attached while he is walking so that it jerks his foot up each time he takes a step.  He had his hours physio this arvo and also attended the 'Wii' group ... of which he is the only member! 

The physiotherapist (who is also his key worker) casually mentioned to Joel and I that they were thinking that he should be there for another 4 to 6 weeks from now!!  Joel was not too impressed with that idea as we had been talking with him about being home by the end of the month.  She said there was the possibiblity of moving him to another house in 3 or so weeks time where he could share the cooking with the other two inmates and do his own laundry.  Hmmmm ... he was a little vocal about doing his own laundry ... he could not be convinced that there was any need for him to learn to turn on a washing machine at this stage of his life.  At our last family meeting they had said 4 to 6 weeks and that was 2 weeks ago.  So we're in two minds ... on one hand we don't want to leave here earlier if Joel is going to receive benefits that he wouldn't at home ... but on the other hand we're not convinced that at this stage of his rehabilitation he is actually doing much more than we could continue at home with him anyway.  (And he will continue to get some physio, speech language therapy and occupational therapy at home through ACC ... just not the same frequency). So can you please pray that we have wisdom when making the decision about when to bring Joel home.

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I came to know about Joel from a friend and have never stopped PRAYING for him and his family since then. I strongly beleive in the "POWER OF PRAYER" and am truly amazed at the miracolous work OUR LORD has been doing in Joel's life. GOD BLESS U JOEL. You are such an inspiration to a lot of people out there. GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY.

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