Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The day after Tuesday

Do you notice how when we have nothing much to write we slap up another photo? Well as Joel makes more and more progress the steps forward just seem to be small and roll into each other... leaving us wondering if change has taken place. But for me after not seeing him for a couple of days due to study...I could see changes. But before I get to that let me share with you what a wonderful, beautiful, caring and loving wife I have and last night we shared a lovely nosh up celebrating 25 years of 'perfect' married life! Funny how TV affects you tho, Cheryll's snapper had a fish scale on absolute 'no-no' on Master Chef!

Oh that's right... this is about Joel. While I was away a package arrived from Carmichael House at Bethlehem College and it was the first thing he started to talk about when I walked into his room this morning. He was on a real buzz about getting the photos and the poster with all the greetings on. He was trying to convince the speech therapist that when he returns homes he wants to get back to school full time. He doesn't want to accept that his school days will be very short as fatigue will still be a major problem for some time. He misses the school community and the social interaction with other students..oh yeah and the teachers and learning stuff too.

His mobility has improved and often when he is walking he now holds his walking stick in both hands and twirls it pretending to be a big band...whatever they are called... you know the blokes who walk out the front of the band with the stick thingy. I think his walking is smoother when he isn't using the stick but he relies on it when tired... but his days with it are nearly over. His walking is still stilted and takes effort, but improving. He is also rapt with being able to move his toes on his left foot even more and again we keep praying for the whole foot to start moving freely. We are really encouraged with the work that the speech therapist has been doing. Socially Joel seems to be nearly back to how he was before the accident but still occasionally comes out with some all takes time.  Today he went for what is technically called 'hydrotherapy', which means doing some exercises in the swimming pool. He did very well and also enjoyed it so it is now part of his routine on Wednesdays. He is also very keen on the notion of coming home in a few weeks and we are trying to reinforce that he will be there as long as it is beneficial for him. So that about wraps this blog up.

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