Thursday, March 11, 2010


One thing God has spoken, two things have I heard:
that you, O God, are strong,
and that you, O Lord, are loving.

In the early days of Joel's injury these verses from Psalm 62 were ones I clung to and they still come to mind every couple of days ... it's mind blowing to meditate on God's immeasurable strength and love and to be able to rest in the knowledge that there is nothing too hard for him and to trust in his loving kindness. I know we've said this before ... but we're just so grateful for his mercies!!

Well, we had the family meeting this morning, instead of Friday, so that Kevin could be there as well before he drove back to Tauranga.  It was a very encouraging meeting where all the different staff involved in his rehab gave feedback as to how he was progressing.  He just continues getting better and better.  They seem happy enough for his discharge to be on the 26th of this month, even though they really would have liked to keep him a little longer ... but hey ... I can teach him how to do the laundry at home if he misses out on having to do it up here :-)

So Joel is really excited about coming home in 2 weeks and we'll be pleased not to have to live out of suitcases ... it's been awhile.  His walking is coming along.  I have to remind him to relax his left arm as he walks and try to swing his arms gently instead of holding them rigid at his sides ... at which he starts swinging them in a very exaggerated way as if he's marching in the army ... just to annoy me.  We're still praying for that left foot ... his toes are wriggling well now and he can push down with it ... but he hasn't got the upward pull so he still needs to wear the splint in his shoe.  He walks around the house with bare feet but we've noticed that he will sometimes catch his left foot on the carpet and lose his balance, because of course he has to lift the left foot up that much higher in order to have his drooping foot clear the floor.  The hard plastic splint is still hurting him (even after Kevin's flash modifications) so they're going to see about getting one custom made to suit his foot. Hopefully his foot will be working soon though and it won't be needed.

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