Monday, March 22, 2010

4 sleeps to go

It really is count down time now ... Joel is ready to come home!  He is allowed to walk around the house as well as outside now by himself, he is independent with all his showering etc, he doesn't get so tired after every activity and he's up to speed with his 'one liners'! Today he walked down to the diary and back up the hill again with Stefanie the physio.  He managed it fine ... although he did have a little rest outside the dairy while he ate his ice cream.  He's doing well during his physio sessions ... he's able to do his arm exercises with 3kg weights now (including his left arm), he does 15 minutes on the bike no sweat, and is doing all his balancing and strengthening exercises with much more ease. That left foot continues to improve and he has even more movement in it this week ... not enough to give up the splint yet but it's definitely getting there.

This afternoon he had his 'Wii' session with the caregiver, Leo.  Well, it started off just him and Leo ... but he attracted quite a crowd and by the end there were a heap of people having turns versing him in bowling and boxing.  It was great fun with lots of laughter. Poor Leo ... the session that was supposed to be around 1/2 an hour, turned out to take 1 1/2 hours.

Kevin was at college today so he went up to visit him tonight and has just walked back in the door now ... so I'm going to go make him a cuppa and catch up with his day.  Good night :-)


John and Jill Skelton said...

That's such good news to hear of all the progress. What excitement. I reckon there's a lot of us who will miss reading this blog!!
Look forward to seeing you - Love Skeltons.

Anonymous said...

We have been lurking here since the start reading about Joel's progress and just wanted to say congratulations Joel and family I am sure it will be an awesome homecoming just before Easter! God is awesome!

Cheers the Shorters
P.S. will miss the blog also :)

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