Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Final Curtain

Hi. We have just had a chat as a family and have made the executive decision that this will be the last blog up date. We are very grateful for your prayers, encouragement and the financial support that many of you have given while we have walked this journey. We are also forever grateful and thankful for the grace and mercy that our Lord Jesus has shown to us.

Since being home Joel has been progressing slowly and the improvements now are slow but steady. He is really enjoying being back at school even though it is for only one subject. His OT and Physio are very pleased with how he is going and are very encouraging. The neatest thing of late is that he nearly has full movement back in his left foot but they are still working on strength and muscle tone. Fatigue is still an issue but will be something that Joel will have to manage for a long time ahead and slowly he will buid up stamina.

Joel was really excited with the turn out for the Celebration Service last Sunday evening. His mates in the band did a fantastic job at playing and leading us in some of Joel's favourite songs and we hope that our story has encouraged you all. It hasn't always been easy to be so open with our lives, struggles, pain and triumphs but we are so glad that we have done the blog as it has meant that we did not at any time walk this road by ourselves. One of the things that we wanted to do at the service was to take up an offering for the Rescue Helicopter Trust. We wanted it to be part of our celebration and thanks but sadly we were not allowed. So can I encourage you to consider givng to them as a thanks for the work they do... not just for helping in saving Joel but for the ongoing work they do as they serve our community. Much to my shame I have often seen them, but never given as it never crossed my mind that we would one day need them. If interested you can find their details at:

So it is goodbye from us and thank you all so, so much!


Anonymous said...

The service was amazing, we were all blown away again by God's grace and healing power in your lives. Thank you for being so open and transparent. Your faith is inspirational. It still makes my heart all warm every time I see your walking miracle of a son. Wow! It's SO nice having you back at church too. Hope to see Joel playing in the band again soon.
Blessings galore to you and your family. Love you so much.
Liz and thetamfam

Anonymous said...

Thank you soo much for sharing this journey with us all! It has been, and is truely inspirational!

Much love

Shelley, Adam and Nico Muir

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